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Gateway Ski Club 2015 Trip Policies

Please make sure you review and are aware of these policies!!   I want to avoid hurt feelings and confusion, so please review the following to avoid future potential issues.   

 1.      DEPOSIT PENALTIES and DATES FOR CANCELLATION:    Our cancellation policies are based on the cancellation policies of the resort and the airlines, as well as the travel brokers whose services we utilize.  Those penalty fees are assessed to us by the travel broker, resort and airlines.  If we hold seats or rooms past the cut-off dates, Gateway will end up paying money to cover seat deposits for canceled seats not used.  In addition, we are  assessed a higher cost if we have fewer participants as a result of cancellations. 

 Please review the cancellation dates and penalties!!   The amount of the penalty reflects Gateway’s actual cost on cancellation.  These cancellation dates allow us to insure adequate trip planning for our participants and are very clearly set forth!  Please read them!  Finally, note when and how you will  receive your refund.  When you pay for your trip, that money is forwarded to the resort and the airline.  It is not kept in Gateway’s bank account.  I cannot control when they will give it back, if ever.  As a result, we will make any refunds only after all the trips have been completed.

 2.     TIMELY TRIP ENROLLMENT :  For the same reasons stated above, and even more so today, “Count Me In!” will not hold a space for you!!    Gateway will only  have a limited number of spaces that we believe we can fill.  We will not hold seats beyond any cancellation period.   It is very important that you follow the deposit schedule and must send in a payment form for each trip.    Don’t expect to just make a phone call and indicate you want to go.  Send in the form; send in the deposit!

 3.    INCREASED TRIP COSTS:    The Europe trip costs are based on the Euro as it exists today.  The trip was based on an exchange rate of  $1.38 to the Euro.  But if it goes up, the costs  will increase accordingly.    As example only, if it goes from 1.38 to 1.42, the cost will go up about $40.00.  If it goes down, the cost will go down accordingly.  Please note that  our pricing INCLUDES the air taxes and/or fuel surcharges.  Hopefully, they will not increase, but until we actually buy the tickets and pay for the rooms, those costs may also fluctuate.   

 4.   EUROPE PAY DATES:   Once again this year,  we are going to move the deposit and payment dates a bit ahead so that we don’t hit you up for so much money in December!   We have made good arrangements with the Hotels in Europe, but they want a significant payment on the room costs by mid -September.   So, please keep with the schedule and try to get your payments in on time!!  I cannot hold rooms beyond cancellation cut-off dates or I will have to pay for that room!

 5.   TRIP CANCELLATION POLICY.  If there are not enough persons who have signed up on a trip and that causes the trip to be less than “group” pricing, we may cancel the trip and fully refund your deposits. 

                 I believe that in most cases, these items are understood by most of our members.  However, I feel that it is best to explain to you why our policies have changed, and explain fully our positions and the reasons for them.  I am sure that you will understand why we have set them forth.   If you have any questions or comments, let me know.

                                                  Please look for all trip and event information on our Website -  www.gatewayski.com




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